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Bitcoin Dust: What It Is and Why You Should Get Rid of It

Simple Task is excited to announce the launch of the Bitcoin Dust Attack project  . This crypto network is a unique bitcoin solution, that our tech team helped develop from scratch.
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What Is a Dusting Attack?

Bitcoin Dust Attack
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Dust attacks are attempts to deanonymize an address by linking an asset’s addresses together. This is done by sending a tiny amount of the asset to multiple addresses. A dust attack does not give an attacker access to your funds.

The goal is to eventually link the dusted addresses and wallets to their respective companies or individuals. If successful, the attackers may use this knowledge against their targets, either through elaborated phishing attacks or cyber-extortion threats.

Bitcoin dust refers to the small amount of bitcoin leftover or unspent in a transaction that is lower in value than the minimum limit of a valid transaction.

To get rid of this “dust,” users need to “consolidate” their all their dust “transaction outputs” into one. That just means sending one transaction that effectively lumps them together. Going back to our original analogy, it’s similar to trading in a bunch of pennies, nickels and dimes for a fresh dollar bill

To convert your dust into BNB, navigate to your exchange wallet and click on balances. You can convert multiple coins at the same time. When you have selected the coins that you wish to convert, the estimated BNB value will be shown.

To get rid of this “dust,” users need to “consolidate” their all their dust “transaction outputs” into one. That just means sending one transaction that effectively lumps them together.

More than half of all the Bitcoins that will ever be in existence are already mined. So in conclusion, bitcoin won’t be worthless, but in the future the rewards from mining bitcoin wont be as shiny as they were before.

What Is a Dusting Attack?


Within cryptocurrency exchanges, dust is also the name given to tiny amounts of coins that “get stuck” on users’ accounts after trading orders are executed. 

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About 20% of all BTC in circulation was lost – Chainalysis

The New York Times, referring to a study by Chainalysis, writes that about 20% of the mined 18.6 million BTC worth approximately $ 140 billion are lost or are in wallets to which investors have lost access (forgot passwords, etc.).
 So if you suddenly feel sad that you did not miss the growth of bitcoin, remember that there are people who had bitcoins worth millions of dollars, but there is no access to them and it will immediately become easier. As for example in these cases:
 Stefan Thomas (former Ripple STO) has only two tries left before the contents of his hardware wallet are permanently lost.
 Back in 2011, Thomas received 7002 BTC (about $ 220 million) as a gift for an educational video about cryptocurrency. Then he lost his private key.
 Or, as an entrepreneur from Barbados, Gabriel Abed lost about 800 BTC (about $ 27 million) after his colleague reformatted the laptop on which the passwords were stored. 

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